San Francisco is one of the oldest and most storied cities in California. Tucked into a peninsula and surrounded by the bay, San Francisco has a gorgeous combination of Mediterranean and Northern Californian weather trends. Plus, San Francisco has multiple, diverse neighborhoods each with its own microclimate. This basically means that you could be experiencing sunny, 70-degree weather in one part of town, but then be in a trolley car in another part of town and its a chilly 50 degrees. Albeit, if you are looking for fun family attractions to visit or if you are looking for a romantic getaway, San Francisco has it all. Here are some of the five must-see tourist attractions for first time visitors to San Francisco.

  1. The Mission District. This is one of the oldest and most vibrant not to mention sunniest neighborhoods in San Francisco. If you are looking to experience a taste of the social scene in San Francisco, this neighborhood has everything you need: good food, good people, art and a friendly atmosphere. Whether you are coming to San Francisco with your family or solo, you must check out this amazing neighborhood.
  2. Coit Tower. Lily Hancock Coit was a huge admirer of the citys firefighters, so she built a 210-foot statue in the historic Telegraph Hill neighborhood of San Francisco in the shape of fire hose nozzle. The best part about Coit Tower is that you can take an elevator to the very top and have a 360-degree vista of the entire bay from the Golden Gate Bridge to Alcatraz. Not only that, but in the waiting area of Coit Tower, you can see some amazing murals that were painted in the 1930s or you can have a picnic on the grass outside.
  3. Golden Gate Bridge. This incredible bridge which is more of a reddish hue and not very golden at all connects San Francisco with Marin County, which is a neighboring county. Before this bridge was built, commuters had to traverse the bay to get to San Francisco or drive a very long distance. A feat of structural wonder, the Golden Gate Bridge is traveled over by thousands of people a day in car, on foot or by bike.
  4. Chinatown. If you want to see one of the oldest Chinese-American communities in America, San Franciscos Chinatown is an incredible bustling marketplace for many Chinese-Americans who have made their home in the U.S. Not only that, but you can also eat at some of the worlds most renowned Chinese restaurants. If you are only passing through, stop by this part of town and pick up a souvenir, because there is a good chance that you wont have another experience like it.
  5. The Legion of Honor. Built as an elaborate storage facility to store art, this grand and palatial building that looks out over the bluffs of the San Francisco Bay has some of the most famous works of art. Not only that, but there are multiple traveling exhibitions as well. Lastly, if you want an insider tip: visit the Legion of Honor on an afternoon weekend and you may catch a live organ concert performed by a classically training organist then have a cup of coffee in the museums courtyard. You wont have another experience as delightful as this one.



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