Portugal is a beautiful country, with many interesting places that can keep any traveler amazed and busy for a long time. Portugal is not visited by tourists as often as some other European countries, and the average traveler is missing out on the many treasures that are located in this country.

Portugal may be one of the most affordable and interesting countries in Europe. Its easy to get to by plane or train from other European countries. Portugal has a well laid out train system that can make traveling through this country easy and convenient. Portugal is a peaceful country and has a low crime rate. A visa is not needed to enter the country and a passport is all you need to stay ninety days or less.

Lisbon is one of the better known cities in this country because of its cultural events, galleries and museums. It has beautiful architecture and historic sites that no one should miss. Lisbon is the capitol of Portugal and the largest city in this country. There are beautiful restored cathedrals, castles and palaces to explore while visiting this city. Lisbon is a city of diverse cultural activity that is fun to expierence. There is a large modern shopping mall as well as small outdoor farmer markets and flea markets. This can make anything available that you may need or want to take home with you. The many winding cobblestone streets in Lisbon can be entertaining and you may want to plan a day to just wander around seeing the diversity of culture. The night life in Lisbon is plentiful and bar hopping is a favorite sport of locals.

Portugal is known for its beautiful and varied beaches. Because the beaches of Portugal are located on the Atlantic side of the ocean, the beaches have waves making conditions suitable for surfing. There are 6000 miles of coastline in this country so finding the perfect beach should be easy. The beaches are all family friendly and many get high marks for their amenities.

Traveling by car is possible and automobiles are easily rented in many areas. If you choose to you can travel to the beautiful valleys of Lima and Douro. The beautiful gorge area is not to be missed. There are wineries to visit in the country and spending time driving through the countryside is advisable.

Portugal has much to offer and should be on the list of everyones European travel plans. Find out about the many places of interest and plan your adventure today. Portugal is a country that you do not want to miss.



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