Recently, more couples looking for that memorable, extraordinary wedding are choosing Northern Ireland as their ideal destination. It is widely famous for its lush, serene, and relaxing environment that uplifts spirits and helps in unwinding. Most buildings, castles, and manors in Northern Ireland have traditional architectural designs, dating back to 17th century, merged with modernity in terms of services and accommodation. There are picturesque backdrops and landscapes for photos that newlyweds are bound to cherish for a lifetime. Travelling to Northern Ireland requires visa application from most countries. The maximum time a holidaymaker can spend vacationing is 90 days after which it expires.

Holding weddings in Northern Ireland may seem like an expensive venture due to high prices caused by currency exchange rates or influx of tourists. However, planning your budget prudently can see that you have the best the country has to offer. A couple and their guests have dozens of exotic places they can visit to make their wedding or honeymoon worth reminiscing.

Attractions that will leave you fascinated and informed are spread all over the country. These attractive sites include castles, monasteries and museums. Most of them are dated as far back as the Norman times. Fortified homes built in 17th century, for instance, Derry City and the walls enclosing it are fascinating. Those couples interested in Stone Age Archaeology may want to tour Fermanagh and Tyrone, which are eminent for it. Other ancient structures are attributed to early Christians. They include abbeys, gravestones, and round towers. In addition, there may be a desire to retreat after a wedding and Norther Irelands expansive beaches provide just that. The temperatures are warm in the summer months and the atmosphere is relaxing.

If the couple has a penchant for adventure and outdoor fun, Northern Ireland has a couple of entertaining places. Cities like Belfast offers visitors vibrant and modern joints to merry make. It has trendy bars, epicure restaurants, and chic clubs. In addition, Causeway Coast is a place to tour since it has been attracting tourists for many decades. On top of these, there are many activities to add taste to your adventure. If interested in golf there are expansive golf courses throughout the country. The fact that they are lush and found in rural environments makes it even more interesting. More exciting activities like cycling, canoeing, and angling are available. The bond will surely grow stronger when doing things that require competition or teamwork.

People in Northern Ireland are known for their hospitality and their friendly nature.  Most hotels provide affordable accommodation with immaculate services such as La Mon Hotel. They usually have those ancient buildings yet the services are professional and your desires are fully addressed to. The tranquility and serenity of their environs and surroundings make them popular as wedding venues. The traditional taste further enhances a magnificent outcome when holding your wedding there.

Most hotels offer their expertise to couples on how to make their wedding memorable and striking. Experts are usually available for consultations. They listen to your views and style and blend it with their Northern Irish effect to provide one amazing outlook for weddings. Customer service handled in proficiency makes it simpler for wedding planners to book without frustrations. Most have a reservation department where one can get information about wedding rates.

The dedicated staff will make your wedding day astounding since they provide the best services diligently. They pay attention to details and the particulars of the wedding and guests will surely have a good time. Customization of menus is also permitted and the chefs combine the instructions given with their honed skills to make delicious meals. Wine lists and table plans can also be personalized to suit ones taste and style.

They produce quality meals with finest ingredients, locally available making it cost effective. Ensuite bedrooms with beautiful décor make one comfortable and create a relaxing mood. There is a mixture of single, twin or double bedrooms and prices defer depending on the hotel or size. The services are great and some provide Wi-Fi access to make you feel at home. Experiencing such services in hotels will definitely make the wedding superb and filled with memories that one will treasure.

Conclusively, Northern Ireland can ensure that a wedding stands out and the guests are satisfied. The fact that it has marvelous places to see and its humble people will make it even more memorable. Take a look at one of the wedding venues Northern Ireland has to offer.



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