As per research done on social media, social network that is growing more rapidly if Twitter. On this platform, messages can be posted by you with in the limit of 140 characters as well as videos and photos. It is among the popularly known websites used for social media. The structure of Twitter that is compatible with mobile allows users of mobile devices for sharing posts instantly related to subjects.


Twitter is beneficial for not only users, instead for businesses also. It has active users approximately above 200 million, so this platform of social media is major channel of marketing for brands. In this aspect, it is said that Twitter is an opportunity send by God for all types of businesses and for tourism industry particularly it is very beneficial. Like Twitter, many other platforms of social media are beneficial for travel agencies. Below are some of the benefits that are provided by social media sites to a travel agency that is online.

1.     Potential customers can be accessed

A travel agency can easily reach its target users through platform of social media like Twitter. Its potential customers can be found easily who are making the plans of travelling by doing a quick search for agencies. SO, target audience can be accessed easily by you in very short time through social media.

2.     Customer relations

After you have built your audience that is targeted, the opportunities offered by Twitter like social media site can be experienced by you. Your relations can also be improved with your customers that are current with the use of twitter. One way is that travel agency should re -tweet the photos of travelling of its customers.Another way is that the comments of its customers should be evaluated about their experience of travelling.

3.     Understanding expectations

According to feedback an agency gets from its customers, it can understand the expectations of customers from an online agency of travelling. So, this way, your services can be improvedaccordingly the customers and their satisfaction will remain at the highest point.

4.     Promotion and Marketing

Your promotions or campaigns can be announced via Twitter or any other platform of social media. Through it, your recognition can be increased and your connections will be strengthened with your followers. If you want that your activities of marketing should reach a large audience via Twitter, then images should be featured by you in tweets of yours. For tweets which include videos and photos, rates of retweet are high.

So, Twitter has been an important tool of marketing for online agencies of travel. Agencies can promote themselves, increase its share of market and make communications with travelers with the help of Twitter. It is obvious the priority that more visitors are lead towards your website and as a result, online booking will be done by them. If your infrastructure is good, the traffic which comes from Twitter can be beneficial for you in an efficient way.



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