Simply from the term, “portable accommodation”, people should recognise what the defining feature is. These are buildings that are mobile and perfect for the sort of person who enjoys the comfort of home but needs to be elsewhere for extended durations of time. Portable accommodation can be moved, sold or installed incredibly quickly. A Royal Mail survey demonstrated that the average young Brit has moved 5 times before they reach the age of 35, whereas this number was likely just 3 for the lifetime of their grandparents. In fact 1 in 10 youths have moved more than 10 times, due to not being able to settle down. With more and more people getting itchy feet, the portable home is becoming prevalent.

Should you decide one day that you do wish to stay in one location you could easily sell your portable home – these houses will not lose value over time. You could also decide to rent it, and get regular income from the building whilst putting in relatively little effort. Of course these buildings can be used for a variety of purposes should they outstay their welcome; there are relatively few people who couldn’t use it for additional storage space. In an uncertain economic client this economic and risk adverse approach almost seemed tailor made to counter these circumstances.

Those that travel will also benefit from the adaptability of portable homes, the extra money you save could be used to decorate or add things to your home in order to become more in sync with your environment. These methods are also a means to stay for longer periods of time with friends or relatives without putting them under pressure. You can literally position yourself proximate to the people you love without inconveniencing them in any way at all. So for all of you out there that want a safe and far easier means to relocate frequently, portable accommodation is the way to do it.



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