For at least the last 6 years we have enjoyed all our holidays under canvas. Over that time we’ve accrued a lot of camping equipment; so much so, that our holidaying could be described as ‘glamping’ more than camping. I realised that we had entered this category when we ordered a fitted carpet for our main tent!

Last year’s holiday was something of a disaster. We were unfortunate enough to have chosen the two weeks of the year when the North of the UK got hit by storms. The Met Office issued an Amber Weather Warning. Unfortunately we were blissfully unaware of it. Being in a tent we didn’t have access to a TV so didn’t see any of the advanced warnings on the news. When the storms hit we lost our main tent, and the cooking tent took a lot of damage. We were moved to a static caravan on the site for our safety by the site owners. In the morning, very little our our tent and belongings remained. Our holiday was effectively over.

Whilst we really love camping and will undoubtedly be holidaying under canvas again in the future, we have decided to book into a holiday cottage this year. We’ve also decided to head for the South West, to Cornwall, which according to this Daily Mail online article has a micro climate where the weather is generally good. We searched around online and decided upon a holiday cottage in Perranporth from a company called Duchy Holidays.  A holiday cottage was a good choice for us because it gives us the freedom to cater for ourselves most of the time and to have meals out when we want to. Perranporth appeals to us because it is on the North Coast of Cornwall which is attracts fewer tourists than the South coast, yet it is within easy travelling distance when if we want to visit any of the attractions there.

As ever we’ll be using our favourite UK travel website, Trip Advisor to guide us around the places to go and the things to do whilst we are there. We’ve already checked out some of the places to go, my personal favourite being a bike trail which will be an activity all the family will enjoy.

This year is mainly about guaranteeing a holiday where nothing goes wrong. Last year’s experience really put the dampeners on things – quite literally. Although we did have a few good days at the start, picking our remaining belongings out of the hedgerow of the camping field, didn’t feel like much of a holiday to anyone. That said, we will be investing in new camping gear, maybe at the end of the season when the stores heavily discount things. In the mean time, Perranporth here we come.



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