Many of us have very stereotypical views of Scotland. Whisky, Nessie, och aye the noo (which nobody ever says, incidentally)- all ideas you could glean from a kids’ cartoon. While amusing in their way, they have absolutely nothing to do with the real Scotland.

With the recent boom in UK holidays, why not see for yourself? Why not sample a little bit of everything this fascinating country has to offer?

Here’s a few great holiday ideas if you fancy exploring a different side of Scotland

Hunting Scotland

Once upon a time you could only experience hunting if you were the owner of a country estate. Thanks to the enterprising folk at Hunting Scotland, that’s no longer the case!

With a huge range of activities to choose from- deer stalking, game bird and waterfowl shoots, driven hair and rough shooting in Scotland there’s enough to satisfy even the sportiest amongst us. Stirling’s outstanding natural beauty and abundant wildlife make it the perfect setting for the holiday with a difference.

The organisers’ thoughtfulness doesn’t end there. If you want, they’ll select your accommodation for you; they’ll even arrange some entertainment. Certainly they’ll take care of any transport needed during your stay.

The Edinburgh Fringe

Every August the historic city of Edinburgh goes completely crazy! This, if you weren’t aware, is due to the Edinburgh Fringe, the world’s largest arts festival. Its edgy status (hence its name) attracts performers from across the globe- stand up comics, fledgling theatre companies, dance troupes, established names- the sheer scope of the event is mind boggling! As well as these attractions, dotted around the city’s assorted theatres, a street fair takes up the bulk of the Royal Mile.

So if you’re keen on your comedy or love to spot stars in the making, the Fringe is your idea of heaven. Be warned, though: since it’s an enormously popular event, you’re best off booking your hotel and other facilities well in advance.


Glasgow was one of the first cities to be nominated as a European city of culture, and it’s easy to see why.  With its hundreds of museums and art galleries- many of which are free- and world class attractions, there’s never a dull moment. It also boasts some of the finest shops in the UK- why not visit its much vaunted Style Mile? If you’ve an eye for a bargain, you might find a gem at The Barras, the bustling weekend market. Your kids will implore to visit Hamleys, the internationally renowned toy emporium.

Its days as “London’s loft conversion” are over; Glasgow has truly come into its own. If you want more ideas for your trip to Glasgow, The Glasgow Website is an invaluable resource.

Historical Scotland

Despite its small size, Scotland has a vivid, turbulent history, well worth following on your travels. Indeed, it’s difficult to know where to begin. A week’s road trip can cover many of the major points, but there’s still the risk of leaving something out.

Recommended places are Culloden, site of the last battle to be fought on British soil; sites pertaining to Robert Burns, the country’s best loved poet, and the intriguing stone circles of the Outer Hebrides. It has a staggering number of well preserved castles, of which Glamis Castle, former home of the late Queen Mother, is justifiably the most famous. If you’d like to know more about this extraordinary place and its history.



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